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Create QR Scanner & Bar Code Scanner with android studio

QR Scanner & Bar Code Scanner App – scan all kinds of QR and barcode easily there have many features like there have flash light on and off and refresh and many more this is very easy to use and user-friendly.

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QR codes quickly and accurately, supports most current QR codes. You will earn money from this app with two revenue streams that are from Admob ads and paying straight or monthly fees to remove ads with In-app Purchases (Extended License). After purchasing our app, we are committed to supporting you for the long term.

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  • Support from Android 6.0 to the latest Android version (Android 12)
  • Documentation is clear and detailed
  • Easy to edit and deploy
  • Java source code
  • Optimizing between user experience and revenue Admob
  • Implementation of Admob ads

QR Scanner app Source Code

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