Knife Gun is fruits cutting Best Entertaining Game with Level wise and easy to play so lets started Knife fruit cutting Game android app 2022

Knife Strike provides you the most exciting gameplay of knife hitting and shooting.
Except for the great enjoyment of using knife to hit, all knife lovers can also expect more throwing fun in Knife Strike!

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  • – APK 64 Bits
  • – You can add new levels easily
  • – Supports both APPLIANCES ANDROID ARM & x86.
  • – Optimized for the new updates of play store API 31
  • – Leaderboard
  • – Share button
  • – Privacy button
  • – Respect rules Google 2021
  • Simple and easy tap to enjoy fun of realistic knife hitting!
  • Numerous knife skins to unlock after hitting down enemies!
  • Different kinds to shoot and modes to challenge for further fun.
  • Use different knives wisely to finish your target efficiently!
  • Admob Ads : Banner and Interstitials

Knife fruit cutting Game app on Play Store

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Knife gun game app Source Code

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