A Flutter MultiPlatform Tasks App with source code –


Clean Architecture template using riverpod , state_notifier , freezed and MVVM , with unit and widget testing.

  • tasks app.
  • todo app.
  • clean architecture.
  • unit test.
  • widget test.
  • MVVM Architecture.
  • MultiPlatform DesktopAndroid and Ios .
  • Responsive Design Portrait , Landscape , Tablet and Desktop .
  • sqflite database.
  • riverpod state management.
  • multiple themes Dark and Light ..
  • Add task.
  • Update task.
  • Delete task.
  • Filter tasks.


  • flutter_riverpod:
  • freezed_annotation:
  • state_notifier:
  • freezed:
  • intl:
  • sqflite:
  • sqlite3_flutter_libs:
  • sqflite_common_ffi:
  • build_runner:
  • mockito:


  • All tests passed.
  • To generate tasks.freezed.dart ,tasks_id.freezed.dart and tasks_list.freezed.dart run flutter pub run build_runner build command in your terminal.
  • Portrait.
  • Landscape.
  • Desktop.
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flutter Tasks App

Resources Used:

You can check out the entire code of this App here:

Get Full Source Code

View Github


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