Dare Puzzle – Number Slide Puzzle Game is a classic math puzzle game You have to organize the numbers in ascending order to play the game. This fun brain-teasing game stimulates your brain, increases your focus power, and strengthen your analytical skills.

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  • Developed in android platform
    The game is developed using Java Programming Language in Android Studio Platform.
  • Intriguing customizable UI
    The game has beautiful User Interface which can be customized as per the user’s requirement.
  • Equipped with google admob
    Google Admob is implemented in this app. Publish google ads, market other brands, and earn with Google.
  • Fully customizable code
    This Android Native Project is developed with fully customizable code. You can easily modify the game.
  • Ready to release app
    This is a complete project. You can upload it on Google Playstore right away.

Android Game App Get on Play Store

  • Sound controlling functionality
    You can control audio of this game with mere a touch gesture.
  • Puzzles in categories
    There are three categories of puzzles in this game: 8 puzzles, 15 puzzles, and 24 puzzles. Each type has a different difficulty level.
  • Smooth movements of cells
    Easy and smooth movement of number cells gives you a unique playing experience.
  • Track user’s score and records
    This game tracks scores and record of its users, so you can watch your speed and progress on playing this game.
  • Resume game from where you left
    The app saves your playing info in the buffer, so you can resume your game from where you have left.
  • Animated sliding of cells
    Sliding animation of cell simulates the experience of playing with a real physical game board.

Number Slide Puzzle Game Source Code



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